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Speaking of sci-fi movies, otaku explain the good parts with incomprehensible spell-like words, but I can't understand what's good at all. Isn't there a lot of people who say no?

In particular, I think that "Blade Runner", which is a very famous SF movie introduced this time, is one of such works.

It's easy to understand, and I'm going to introduce you to where you should enjoy it.



Also, this blog contains spoilers.

I can't recommend it to those who haven't seen the introduction work yet.


Outline of work "Blade Runner"





Directed by Ridley Scott, released in 1982. Film adaptation of Philip K. Dick's original sci-fi novel "Do Electric Sheep Dream of Androids?"

Said to be a masterpiece of science fiction, it is a pioneering work in the visualization of the cyberpunk movement.

Also starring Harrison Ford, who was very popular in the movies "Star Wars" and "Indiana Jones" at the time.

There are various versions of this movie, but if you want to review it with "enjoyment" as the main, the final version or the final cut version is probably better.
ディレクターズカット ブレードランナー 最終版(字幕版)
2019年、酸性雨が降りしきるロサンゼルス。外見からは人間と見分けが付かないアンドロイド=「レプリカント」が5体、人間を殺して逃亡。レプリカント専門の賞金稼ぎ=「ブレードランナー」であるデッカードが、単独追跡を開始するが・・・。 No Rating BLADE RUNNER is a trademark of Blad...


Unfortunately, the final version is currently unavailable.


I think it's a movie that people will either love or hate.
The part I hate is
It's hard-boiled sci-fi, but the action isn't that flashy, and the depiction of the replicants' superhuman abilities is plain.
In addition, it's raining most of the time throughout the story, so it's gloomy and depressing.


Disassemble each part and put a tsukkomi! !


How to enjoy this movie.
Let's look at the good things first.
  • ネーミングセンスの良さ:ブレードランナー、レプリカント、ネクサス6、タイレル社、など、なんかカッコイイ(笑)
  • 世界観の作り込みの美しさ:街の雰囲気(レイヤー構造の映像や蒸気や濡れた路面に映る街の照り返し、雑多な人種の雑多な文化が入り混じった感じなど)
  • 数々のガジェット:デッカードの飲む酒や持っているグラスやブラスター銃、スピナー(空飛ぶ自動車)、看板や壁材のデザイン
Good naming sense: Blade Runner, Replicant, Nexus 6, Tyrell Corporation, etc. are cool (laughs)

・The beauty of the worldview: The atmosphere of the city (layered images, reflections of the city reflected in steam and wet roads, mixed cultures of various races, etc.)

・Numerous gadgets: Deckard's drinks, glasses, blaster guns, spinners (flying cars), billboards and wall material designs




Well, this is the area that people who like this movie (otaku ⇦ including me) often mention.

It's true, but does that make it any more interesting? However, it is undeniable that it is difficult to approach.

Set in Los Angeles in the near future, the city is a messy city with a wide variety of miscellaneous cultures such as Asian and Arab.
The people who come out also speak different languages.
©Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.








Meanwhile, the line of the uncle of the restaurant that appears at the beginning.
He speaks broken Japanese, saying "Irashaiiirashai".

I'm sure he intended to use pure Japanese for his lines, but when you realize that he's Japanese or Chinese, and you're forced to use Japanese, don't you think, "Huh?"

Moreover, don't you feel the cuteness of foreigners trying their best to speak Japanese, like the part where "Two is enough! Wakatekudasaiyo!"? The fact that you don't even know what is too much in the first place is also a point that makes you feel silly.

Back in the 1980s, the image of Japanese people was that they had buck teeth in glasses. In particular, Japanese illustrations created in the United States always had glasses and buck teeth.

Moreover, the reality was that they didn't understand the difference between Chinese and Koreans at all.

It's a very impressive opening appearance of a Japanese-speaking old man in a Japanese-speaking restaurant dressed like a Japanese sushi chef.

It makes me happy.




Also, the giant advertisement reflected on the building is a beautiful woman dressed in kimono. It's the moment when the Japanese say "Oh!"

It seems that "Kyōryoku Wakamoto" Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. did not know that it would be used in the movie. It seems that I heard from someone who saw the movie later.

I didn't particularly complain, but on the contrary, I commented that I was honored.




From there, I feel like I'm going to have to deal with this downright boring, melancholic movie.

Then what about Deckard, the main character, being summoned by Chief Brian and going to the Chief's office?

The bottle has a very unusual shape, but it is Johnnie Walker black.




After this, as you can see, Deckard is drinking only alcohol (lol)

I don't know if the work of Blade Runner is set to be so harsh that I can't do it soberly, but I often drink from a mysterious liquor called "Tsingtao"that is brown and transparent.

There's a scene where I drink "Ching Tao" at home with a shot glass, and when I take a sip because my mouth is cut in a fight, the blood flows back into the glass.ーー!!!”. It is a very impressive and cool depiction.
©Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.








The main character, Deckard, is the same as in the original, but he is far from the so-called hero image.

There is no exhilaration and it is not hard boiled.

But is it a place where the main character feels relieved because he has a human touch?

(This is why Deckard is actually a replicant or not.)

By the way, I'm going to watch Deckard's forced investigation.

Well, I think you can figure it out by now, but none of the characters (including replicants) are decent (laughs).

By the way, I summarized the basics of whiskey in the following article. Please for your reference.


The crazy character is the funniest.



A word here.

In movies, decent guys are boring guys. Sometimes I dare to put a boring guy in to make other characters stand out, but in "Blade Runner", everyone is sane without exception.
  • レイチェル→自分の記憶が偽物で頼れるのが酔っ払いのデッカードしかいないから愛しちゃおう!(えーーー!ホントにそれでいいの?)
  • 署長→依頼相手に酒飲ましてさらに脅す。(警察で無理なのを依頼してるんじゃないの?)
  • ガフ→君、味方のなの?敵なの?ってかそも何考えてるのさ?折り紙が得意技なのは分かった。
  • チュウ→レプリカントの目玉を製造しているんですが、鼻歌歌いながら「フヒヒ」とか笑いながら作ってます。マジで変態です(笑)
  • セバスチャン→いくらなんでも寂しがり屋過ぎるよね。
  • ロイ→なまじっか感情なんか持つんじゃなかった。精巧になればなるほど狂わずにはいられないでしょ。。。(これ、物語の主題に近い部分)
Rachel: Your memories are fake and the only person you can rely on is the drunk Deckard, so let's love him! (Eh! Is that really okay?)

Chief → drink to the requester and threaten further. (Aren't you asking the police to do something impossible?)

Gaff: Are you on my side? are you the enemy? What are you thinking anyway? I knew that origami was my specialty.

Chu → I'm making replicant eyeballs, but I'm making them while humming and laughing, "Fu-hi-hi." Seriously perverted (laughs)

Sebastian: You're too lonely no matter what.

Roy: I didn't have any real feelings. You can't help but go crazy the more sophisticated you become. . . (This is the part close to the theme of the story)



And so on, there are no other characters who are not crazy. Is that the only lady with an eyepatch who sold Qingdao to Deckard? What's decent?

Most of this movie has crazy characters and is a constructed story.


Weird things can be fascinating. President Tyrell's eccentricity.




Well, when I break it down into small details and imagine how different it is from my own life, I can't help but laugh, and I think it's fascinating that even though I'm trying my best, it's a little strange.

For example, President Tyrell.
This person uses his genius brain to create the Nexus 6 and sell it to the world, but in order to increase accuracy, he raises his intelligence, and with that intelligence, he implants false memories instead of stabilizers so that he doesn't fall into self-denial, a safety device. It is set to reach the end of life within 4 years when emotions do not grow.
How unstable and expensive?

Wouldn't it be nice to have a robot that looks just like a human being as a product?
In order to satisfy my own curiosity, I should have been satisfied because I was like Rachel, but I tried it with a product first. . .
As a result, Roy and his friends develop feelings that they should not have within four years, leading to a rebellion and the murder of President Tyrell.
What a ridiculous result.
This goofy place is the point of "Kusu".
©Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.





Furthermore, the actor who played the role of the company president, Joe Turkel, was not only incapable of acting at all, but he was also unable to remember his lines at all.

In the first scene where he talks with Deckard, he just hung a cheat sheet with all the lines written around him and read it.

If you look closely, it's true that Deckard's line of sight doesn't match. Moreover, when you look at each cut, it's different. Well, I'm looking at a cheat sheet, so my eyes don't match.

If you feel uncomfortable watching this scene! This is the reason (laughs).


Harrison Ford wants to act, frustrated by those around him who don't.



Actors, performers, there are many ways to say it, but it is a person who bets on acting.

At this time, Harrison Ford wanted to become a world-famous star with "Star Wars" and "Indiana Jones", and hoped to appear in works where he could perform well.







So, when he received an offer to star in "Blade Runner", he knew that although it was science fiction, it was a work that told a story without the flashy bangs of the hard-boiled route, and he happily accepted the role.

However, neither Joe Turkel, who played the role of president Tyrell, nor Sean Young, an actress who became a model, who played Rachel, could not act at all. . .

Moreover, the director, Ridley Scott, was a former CM producer and was a director who only thought about cool images. I don't expect the actors to have acting skills at all.

"Am I the only one who can act decently!?"

So Rutger Hauer, who plays Roy Batty, who Harrison Ford also respects at a glance, soothed Harrison Ford and reluctantly continued shooting.

That's why, in a way, the acting that is mushy or disgusted is really disgusting (laughs).


Why should I look like this? Sean Young.




She originally wanted to be a ballerina, but gave up due to an injury and turned to modeling, taking advantage of her tall stature and good posture. Then an actress.

And when the offer of "Blade Runner" came and he learned that the lead role was Harrison Ford, he was very happy.

When I met him for the first time, I was nervous and said hello to him, saying, "I'm a big fan, it's an honor to work with you."
©Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.





However, it seems that Harrison Ford was mushy without noticing it.

Moreover, when shooting the love scene, it was actually a scene where Deckard hugged Rachel gently and kissed her gently and sweetly, but Harrison Ford suddenly improvised and violently pushed her against the wall and attacked her. I was.

It was so rough that he even left bruises on his body.

Sean Young once thought about suing Harrison Ford, partly because of Harrison Ford's attitude.


I played a famous scene! Rutger Hauer







Rutger Hauer, who liked the script very much, cooperated with the director compared to Harrison Ford, who was angry that Ridley Scott was only thinking about the image and not asking the actors to act. I was there for a shoot.

In order to make the movie successful, he tried to appease Harrison Ford and Sean Young to proceed with the shooting.

It played a role like lubricating oil for everyone.

When shooting the last scene, he asked the director, "Why did Roy help the falling Deckard?"

Ridley Scott replied, "It's a reflex. It's programmed to help people who are about to die, so I just reflexively saved them."

When Rutger Hauer heard this, he was so impressed that he went to shoot Roy's last scene.
©Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.




It seems that the speech after helping him was actually an ad-lib by Rutger Hauer.

It is a sad scene where even the person who tried to kill can not go against the program and reflexively helps, making him realize that he is an artificial object.


「おまえたち人間には信じられないようなものを私は見てきた。 オリオン座の近くで燃える宇宙戦艦。 タンホイザー・ゲートの近くで暗闇に瞬くCビーム。 そんな思い出も時間と共にやがて消える。 雨の中の涙のように。 死ぬ時が来た。」 (原文:I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe. Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion. I watched C-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhäuser Gate. All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain. Time to die.)

©Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc./「ブレードランナー」より






It seems that when the voice of "Cut!"

We were able to shoot a very good scene, and I was happy that we were able to convey the director's message to the maximum extent possible.

When Rutger Hauer saw that scene written in a movie magazine, saying, ``I helped Deckard because the replicant had real human emotions,'' I thought it was wrong.

However, years later, he was disappointed when he saw Ridley Scott answering in an interview that he helped the replicant because he had real feelings for him.

Rutger Hauer's dedicated cooperation and commitment to acting on the message has been dispelled.


Popular Props: Attractive gadgets, accessories, mechanics, etc.




One of the big reasons why this movie has been loved for so long is that the things that appear in it are all cool and fashionable.

*Props are movie props. (These days they are called gadgets or items, but they are called props in movies only.)

Let's take a look at a few.
  • 冒頭から出てくる、スピナーと呼ばれる空を飛ぶ自動車。
  • 署長室で署長に継がれる酒が珍しい形したビンのジョニーウォーカー黒。
  • デッカードが持っている銃、ブラスター
  • 柄が光る傘
  • 「チンタオ」と呼ばれる独特のカーブをもつビンの酒。
  • デッカードが酒を飲む時の各種グラス。
  • デッカード自宅の幾何学模様の壁材。
  • タイレル社長のチェス盤と金属製の駒。
・A flying car called a spinner that comes out from the beginning.

・A Johnnie Walker black bottle with an unusual shape that is passed down to the chief in the chief's office.

・Deckard's blaster gun.

・Umbrella with shining pattern

・Liquor in a bottle with a unique curve called "Tsing Tao".

・Various glasses for Deckard to drink.

・Deckard's home's geometric pattern wall material.

・President Tyrell's chessboard and metal pieces.


There are so many eye-catching things, and all of them are actually commercialized as related products, or actually sold as products under different names.
©Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.


Spinners and blasters are sold as plastic models and model guns and are quite popular. Some items are hard to come by and sell for very high prices.


About Deckard Blaster





Deckard's gun is called a blaster.

The exact meaning of "blaster" is unknown, but it seems to be an image that shoots flames or intense heat.

In science fiction, it seems that it is often translated as "heat ray gun" or "heat gun".

It is unknown whether Deckard's blaster is shooting live bullets or heat rays because it is not told in the play.




In the first place, the design is made by combining two guns, and the realistic feeling is irresistible.

This gun also has two triggers.

I'm not sure which one is the correct setting.
  • 実弾と熱線それぞれ用のトリガー説
  • ダブルセットトリガー説
・Trigger theory for live bullets and heat rays

・Double set trigger theory










There are two theories above.

In the play, you can't tell from the look and sound whether it's a heat ray or a live bullet. Or rather, the firing sound is one kind.

What do you think?

A double set trigger has one normal trigger and one set trigger.

After pulling the set trigger, you can usually pull the trigger more lightly.

It is used when you want to increase your accuracy.

However, the set trigger is usually attached to the gun handle, but you can see that Deckard puts his finger there when shooting.

This theory is also "Uh-huh" (laughs)

So what is the other trigger really for? It's a mystery~♪


Pay attention to the sake that appears


Johnnie Walker black also seems to be bought and sold at a fairly high price for the bottles in the shape of the work.







And it is a liquor called "Tsing Tao" in the work.

Actually, this liquor is vodka, and its name is "Smirnoff de Czar".

Do Tsar means "Emperor".

In fact, it is a liquor that is known as a gem with a very good taste among vodka.

Unfortunately, this liquor was sold out around 1996, and now it is almost impossible to get it.

Even if you look at mercari, it's a premium anyway, such as "I will sell it for 100,000 yen" or 10,000 yen only for empty bottles.
©Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.



And now the glass that came to be called "Deckard glass". The whiskey glasses are made by Arnolfo di Cambio, a well-established Italian crystal maker.

Mercari sells for 15,000 to 20,000 yen.


Wall material for Deckard's room






Geometric tiles on the wall in Deckard's kitchen.

The tiles used in the Ennis House in LA designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.

Called "Ennis House Style", it used to be bought and sold.

It looks like there are some replicas out there.

It's fashionable, isn't it ~


Unicorn Dreams, Origami, and Deckard Replicant Theory







The unicorn comes out symbolically in this movie.

It is an origami that Deckard's dream and Gaff would have folded.

A unicorn is an imaginary non-existent animal. A horse with a single large horn on its forehead.

They are animals created by humans.

It is symbolic that Deckard sees the dream, and in fact it means that Deckard is also a man-made thing.

And origami, which Gaff is good at.
©Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.


A unicorn origami that Deckard finds when he and Rachel are trying to escape. This represents:
  • 直前まで処分するべきレプリカントの残り、レイチェルを追ってガフがそこにいた事の証明。
  • 見逃してくれたという事。
  • デッカードがユニコーンの夢を見たことをガフが知っている事、記憶を観る事が出来る。つまりデッカードがレプリカントである事の証明。
Proof that Gaff was there after Rachel, the rest of the replicants that should have been disposed of until just before.

・That you missed it.

・Gaff knows that Deckard dreamed of a unicorn, and he can see his memory. Proof that Deckard is a replicant.








That's what it means.

And in fact, the scene where the eyes of the replicants shine red due to reflection repeatedly appears in the play. This is a scene that means that if your eyes light up, you're a replicant.

Rachel's eyes light up too. And there is a scene where Deckard also shines.

In other words, Deckard is also depicted in this movie as a replicant.

Denpachi interprets it that way.

Of course, this theory is controversial and unresolved.

Certainly, it would be inefficient to let humans hunt down replicants with superhuman abilities.






Rather, replicants were developed to make people do the jobs they didn't want to do, so the reason is clearer than having replicants do it. Blade Runner is a replicant.

As for Gaff, he's probably not Blade Runner. It seems that they are the personnel who report and monitor Blade Runner's work in order to facilitate exchanges with human counterparts such as the police.

That's why they also do maintenance of Blade Runner under supervision.

This is probably why he can see Deckard's dream memories.

This is just Denpachi's personal point of view.I'm not saying it's right, but I'm just interpreting it that way because it's more fun.


difference in the last scene


There are several versions of this movie called "○○ version".
  • その中でラストシーンがデッカードとレイチェルがエレベーターに乗って扉が閉じたところで暗転してスタッフロールが流れてくるバージョン。
  • 扉が閉まった後に未来カーに乗って走り去っていくシーンから山間の空撮シーンで終わっていくバージョン。
・Among them, the last scene is a version where Deckard and Rachel get on the elevator and the door closes, it goes dark and the staff roll flows.

・After the door closes, the version ends with an aerial shot of the mountains from the scene of driving away in a futuristic car.








Overall, the former is cooler and has a higher rating.

The director seems to think it is better, and the final scene of the former is used in the final and final cut versions.

The latter last scene was adopted in the complete version.

Actually, after cranking up once, it seems that he took a picture in a hurry with an addition.

Both Harrison Ford and Sean Young were fed up with each other and decided to shoot the film in just a few hours.

It seems that the shooting ended with one shot OK in a few hours really.

It is a well-known story that the aerial shooting scene in the mountains was actually bought from the film taken in the movie "The Shining", edited and connected.


More Fun to Know: The Cyberpunk Movement





Other detailed explanations are done by others, so I will keep it brief and easy to understand.

In 1984, William Gibson, who was a newcomer writer at the time, published his science fiction novel "Neuromancer", which depicted a world where computers were connected by nerves.

And the stage "Chiba City" is a city in Japan, and the scenery reminds me of Shinjuku Kabukicho.

Kanji, katakana, hiragana, English, Chinese, etc. are overflowing with miscellaneous billboards and neon signs, steam is rising from the food stalls, and neon light is reflected on the wet road surface. It is drawn how it shines beautifully.




Director Ridley Scott loves this feeling and incorporated it into his footage in 1989's "Black Rain."

In short, stories with characters connected to computers, cyborgs, and androids set in a glaringly miscellaneous city like Kabukicho in Shinjuku are now referred to as "cyberpunk works." I was.

This will lead to "Ghost in the Shell"and "Matrix" after that.







I added a considerable number of characters, including the part for me to smile when I look at it later.

Probably, if you talk about this movie, including the sequel, while drinking, hours will not be enough.

As a point of view, if you break it down in detail (for each character, for each scene, for background descriptions, etc.), you will be more likely to find interesting elements.

There are people who often talk about movies in terms of the structure and composition of the images, the method of cutting cuts, etc., but even without such knowledge, people would still watch the movie just because “one accessory is really cool” or “this idol is in it!!” You can say you love it!






Or rather, how many movie fans are lost by those who say, "Don't you know this?"

It's natural for ``passionate fans'' who don't know what to do. If you say you're a veteran or your number one fan, all you have to do is tell someone who suddenly fell in love with you, saying things like, "It's fun to do things like this," or, "I can't leave this out, so let's check it out." is.

Movies, music, literature, art, fashion, and other things you can live without. However, since it is an important culture to satisfy people's hearts, I would like to think about how to satisfy everyone's hearts.

In addition, backgrounds outside of the movie itself are also good materials to enjoy the movie.

*If you don't enjoy it, it's a loss.


And to the sequel movie "Blade Runner 2049".



In addition, although it is not all right now, you can watch it on the video distribution service.

Please register from the link below.
ブレードランナー ファイナル・カット(字幕版)





The investigator named Holden who appears at the beginning is shot by Leon.

It is supposed to have died in the conversation between Chief Bryant and Deckard after that.

However, in fact, the scene where Deckard listens to Holden at the hospital was filmed.







In addition to this, there are actually many videos that have been cut.

The menu that Deckard was trying to eat in the scene of the stall at the beginning is a rice bowl with one fish on rice and a don.

Deckard says, "Give me four," but Father refuses, saying two are enough.

Deckard still asks for udon without losing.

how much do you eat? (smile)

It is also a fun place of "Blade Runner" that various things come out even if you dig like this.